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The mission of No Soul Left Behind Ministries, Inc is to reach people everywhere for Christ to facilitate salvation, healing, and deliverance through the activation of the Holy Spirit's power within them so that we can be a part of the glorious end time ministry designed to prepare the Church for the second coming of Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Through sound biblical teaching our knowledge of God and His Word will increase and our dreams and ministries will no longer perish for lack of knowledge. Through that knowledge we will build our relationship with Christ with intimacy, reverence and love. God's people will learn to love themselves and to appreciate their own worth as well as to appreciate and celebrate the worth and gifts of others to the Glory of God the Father.

The God-given purpose through love is:
  • to be an Apostolic covering to ministries operating in the Five-Fold Ministry as well as facilitate and support the birthing out of new ministries within the Five Fold Ministry
  • to educate ministers of all ages through teaching sound Doctrine of the Apostles and not religion, to destroy the spirit of tradition and bondage
  • to facilitate the infilling of the Holy Spirit
  • to reach everyone everywhere through Christ for salvation and deliverance building a powerful force in the earth raising up people after God's own heart
  • to build end time ministries equipped for the battle and the preparation of the Church for the second coming of Jesus Christ
  • to facilitate healing of the broken places and be a repairer of the breaches so that restoration can be achieved
  • to educate the people of God in those things which "the Church" is uncomfortable addressing so that the truth will make them free and gifts and ministries will be released
  • to educate saints in Bible truths so that they can live victorious lives in and through Jesus Christ
  • to facilitate change through the renewing of the mind of the people that God has ordained to encounter this ministry and,
  • to seek God for His Prophetic Word for the end time minister to deliver to the Church for restoration, direction, perfection, correction, and completion

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