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Saved, Anointed, Sanctified, Single, Yielded, in Christ

(sas-ē: lively, bold and full of the Spirit)

Mission Statement

The mission of SASSY, InC first and foremost is to reach out to single men and women everywhere for Christ to facilitate salvation, healing, and deliverance through the acceptance of Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and the activation of the Holy Spirit's power within them so that they can become witnesses to the glorious end time ministry designed by God to prepare the church for the second coming of Jesus Christ, Our Lord. 

Through sound biblical teaching their knowledge of God and His Word will increase, and their spiritual and personal aspirations will be realized to the Glory of God the Father. They will build a relationship with Christ through intimacy with His Spirit, reverence for His Name and love of His Son. 

Single men and women will learn to love and cherish themselves and to appreciate their own worth as well as to appreciate and celebrate the worth and gifts of others to the Glory of God. They will learn how to wait on God in all things with an assurance that He knows what is best for them at all times. Every single man and woman will be wholly dependent upon God for direction and guidance ensuring that all of her life decisions will produce a life as befitting a man and  woman of holiness. Every single's walk as a Christian will be strengthened through prayer and faith in God.

Single men and women will freely share their testimonies of the goodness of God in their life and how they have been delivered from the bondage of the enemy and have overcome him through the Blood of the Lamb and the word of their own and another's testimony.

Single men and women will grow in grace, mercy and love as they seek to find themselves in the Word of God and become all that God has purposed them to be. They will be transformed by the renewing of their mind through their avid study and application of the Word of God in their lives.

Single men women will live a holy and virtuous life relying on the Word of God as their roadmap to success in the Kingdom. They will protect their body as the temple of God.

Single woman will learn to walk upright before the Lord in expectation laying their petitions and desires before God as they line up with the Word of God in his perfect, and not submissive, Will.

Purpose and Objectives

  • educate single men and women of all ages through sound Apostolic Doctrine, and not religion, to destroy the spirit of tradition and bondage
  • facilitate the infilling of the Holy Spirit
  • reach single women everywhere through Christ for salvation and deliverance building a powerful force in the earth raising up women after God's own heart
  • build end time ministries equipped for the battle and the preparation of the Church for the second coming of Jesus Christ
  • facilitate healing of the broken places and self-forgiveness, and be a repairer of the breaches so that restoration can be received
  • educate single women of God in those things which God commands by addressing difficult subjects such as sexuality, celibacy, sanctification and holiness.
  • educate single women in Bible truths regarding single-hood so that they can live victorious lives in and through Jesus Christ
  • facilitate change through the renewing of the mind of the women that God has ordained to encounter this ministry and,
  • seek God for His Prophetic Word for this end time ministry to deliver to the Church for direction, perfection, correction, and completion 
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